Nike Air Vapormax 2.0, Dark Grey Edition


Even though the recent and extreme cold front has us blasting our humidifiers and buying value packs of lotions, there is something grey and beautiful to perfectly complement our blackened winter souls. It’s the new Nike Air Vapormax 2.0, available in dark grey.

This is the perfect winter shoe because while the grey is perfectly textured (including that signature Vapormax semi opaque heel) and if some asshole splashes you with his car while you’re trying to cross the street mid-blizzard, it won’t be noticeable on your kicks.

The OG version came on the scene last year, revitalizing Swoosh with new life. It gained popularity, and we think the same for this charcoal colorway. The upper mimics the Flyknit (so if you are wearing this in the winter, wear your heat tech socks), with black contrasting details, making for a handsome blend alongside the classic Vapormax sole. 

We’ve gotten previews of two other colorways that raised some eyebrows: pink and white. Whether bae might be into this shoe, or you’re a dude that’s into pink, they’re not exactly slush-friendly, so the dark grey is looking more attractive to us for now. Apparently, we can look forward to an upcoming black-and-white model that sounds fresh.

Are you feeling the grey vibe to match your Seasonal Affective Disorder and transition seamlessly into warmer weather (if it ever makes an appearance again), or do you prefer one of their previous models instead?